Listing Management APIΒΆ

The Listing APIs enable a seller to use the Listing ID or SKU ID to check and update attributes such as MRP, selling price, stock count, shipping fee (local, zonal, national), procurement SLA, and listing status. You can make the following API calls for a single listing or in a batch:

  • Create listings
  • Get and update stock count
  • Get and update price
  • Get and update listing partially for specific attributes such as shipping fee or SLA
  • Activate or deactivate listing
  • Check stock count of listings

The listing status (ACTIVE or INACTIVE) are handled differently for single seller vs. multiple sellers selling the same product in the Marketplace.

The following diagram illustrates the possible Listing API calls exchanged between the Flipkart and the seller systems in a fictitious scenario where book listings are created and updated.

Proceed to the Listing Management API Reference section for details on the following APIs.

Format: JSON

Protocol: HTTPS

API API Description / Use Case
POST skus/{SKUID}/listings Create or update listing attribute for a particular SKU ID
POST skus/listings/{LISTINGID} Update listing attribute for a particular Listing ID
POST skus/listings/bulk Create and update listing attribute for upto 10 listing or SKU IDs in 1 call
GET skus/{SKUID}/listings Get listing attributes for a particular SKU ID
GET skus/listings/{LISTINGID} Get listing attributes for a particular Listing ID

Refer to the Glossary for information on listing related datatypes.