Flipkart Marketplace Seller FTP

The Flipkart Marketplace Seller FTP provides large sellers, primarily of books, content management capabilities. Sellers can programmatically access and exchange data between their domestic system and the Flipkart Marketplace. This solution enables:

  • Automation of various processes involved in selling
  • Dynamic and real time information flow across systems
  • Seamless integrations of the existing applications with the Flipkart platform

Getting Started with Seller FTP

To use FTP, the seller registration in the Marketplace is insufficient. Contact your account manager or the Developer Support team at seller-api-queries@flipkart.com to get the seller FTP URL and your FTP access tokens. For additional details on the authentication framework used by the Flipkart platform, refer to the Seller Registration section.

FTP Process Flow

This section assumes that you have an FTP client, such as Filezilla, installed in your system.

A typical process flow is as follows:

  1. Login to your FTP account using your Flipkart FTP access tokens.

  2. Use the FTP client to input the files that have the relevant stock/price data. The listings naming convention must follow the listing_sellerid_ddmmyyyy.hhmm.csv format.


    Ensure that the input files are placed in the input folder of your FTP account and the feed format follows the guidelines provided in the Feed Format and Attributes section below.

  3. The Flipkart scheduler picks up the input file every 1 hour from each account and releases two files in the output folder - one with the passed listing and another with the failed listing.

Feed Format and Attributes

Format: csv

Protocol: FTP

The csv should contain the following data columns:

Attribute Description
Flipkart Serial Number The FSN is the unique product identifier for Flipkart, similar to ISBN for Books
Seller SKU ID The seller SKU ID for the corresponding Listing ID
MRP The maximum retail price for a product
Your Selling Price The price at which the seller wants to sell the product
Your Stock Count The quantity of the product the seller wants to sell
Local Shipping Charge (per qty) The cost the seller charges the buyer to ship an order locally
Zonal Shipping Charge (per qty) The cost the seller charges the buyer to ship an order in the same zone
National Shipping Charge (per qty) The cost the seller charges the buyer to ship an order within the country
Procurement SLA The time required by the seller to keep the product ready for pick-up
Listing Status Allows sellers to control their listing status
Selling Region Restriction Allows sellers to configure their listing to enable sales locally (same city), within their zone (North, East, West, South or North East), or nationally (outside of their zone). Possible values: (a) none: Selling nationally, (b) national: Selling only locally and zonally
Procurement Type Describes the type of inventory procurement done by the seller for a listing


  1. All the columns are mandatory.
  2. Listing will not get updated if a column is not populated appropriately. For empty columns, a suitable processing error is displayed.