Welcome to Flipkart Marketplace Seller API documentation!

The objective of this document is to enable developers to work with the various API frameworks such as Order Management, Listing Management, Payment Management, and Return Management, in the Flipkart Marketplace.


  • This documentation pertains to v2 Flipkart Marketplace APIs and will be deprecated soon. Please migrate to the latest v3 APIs before end of June 2018.

Document Conventions

Term Acronym/Alternate Usage
Flipkart Marketplace Seller API FMSAPI, Seller API
Flipkart Marketplace Marketplace
Flipkart Platform Platform
Flipkart Marketplace Seller FTP Seller FTP, FTP service
Listing Management API Listing Management, Listing API
Order Management API Order Management, Order API
Order Management Notifications Service Order Management Notifications, notifications
Return Management API Return Management, Return API
Payment Management API Payment Management, Payment API
Sandbox environment Sandbox, staging, staging server, staged setup, test environment
Production environment Production, live environment, live setup
Technician Visit for Returns Tech visit, Returns Evaluation, Service Visit