Release Notes

Flipkart Marketplace Seller APIs

Developer Guide

Last Updated: 5th May, 2016

The release notes outlines the updates and enhancements in this version of the developer guide.


Before you begin, ensure that you read and undestand the Flipkart Developers Program and API Licence Agreement.

Listing Management Changelog

Flipkart Marketplace Seller APIs for Listing Management | Version 1.0

Created: September, 2014

Last updated: 5th May, 2016

Revision Details

What’s New?

What’s Changed?

N.A. for this release.

What’s Deprecated/Removed?

N.A. for this release.

Order Management Changelog

Flipkart Marketplace Seller APIs for Order Management | Version 2.0

Created: 23rd February, 2015

Last updated: 1st April, 2016

Revision Details

What’s New?

What’s Changed?

  • Changed orderItemId from long to string
  • Removed shippingFee and price fields from Search orderItem response. This data is available under priceComponents - POST /orders/search
  • Changed the Pack API - POST /orders/labels
    • Pack request changes:
      • List changed to JSON
      • taxRate is now compulsory in pack request
      • Now, invoiceNumber is not a compulsory field
    • Pack response changes:
      • Changed the pack call response to reflect the success/failure of pack request on each orderItem
  • Changed the Download Labels API - GET /orders/labels?orderItemIds={id list}
    • Changed query parameter name from orderItemId to orderItemIds
    • Added error response messages when label download
  • Now, you can mark orders as packed only after the dispatchAfterDate has passed. Else, the pack request gives a validation error
  • Changed response object structure in the Get by orderItemIds API - GET /orders/
  • Changed request object structure in Cancel Orders API - POST /orders/cancel
  • Now, Search Order Item response returns status for the entire life cycle of an order item

What’s Deprecated/Removed?

  • Deprecated tax field in Pack API request
  • Deprecated the Label Request API

What’s New or Changed in Push Notifications?

What Next?

The future scope for FMSAPIs includes sandbox access using the OAuth framework.

Listing Management Scope

The Listing Management APIs may include:

  • Increased batch size limit for create or update (current limit is 10)
  • Get listings in bulk
  • Reports generation

Order Management Scope

Additionally, the Order Management APIs may include:

  • API for:
    • Printing the packing list
    • Additional, granular tracking of order status
  • Notifications for:
    • New order reservations
    • Order state changes and hold or unhold flag

Documentation Scope